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• Born in 1967, lived in Mexico City until age 12

• 1979 parents divorced, moves to Houston,TX with mother and little brother, lives in the USA until age 22

• 1991 after university, moves back to Mexico City



• Mother was painter and sculptress

• Uncle was very successful comedy writer for Mexican TV

• Brother Daniel is a documentary film maker

• Relative of sculptor Jaques Lifshitz from mothers side


• Living in Mexico and its painters and Muralists

• Abstract Expressionism

• Italian Art

• Painting from Observation

• Some favorite painters, Rothko, Morandi, De Kooning, Cy Twombly, Giotto, Piero

• The focus of Goldberg’s art is on painting itself rather than one particular style or subject matter

• Themes of his painting: abstract, portraits, scenes of people making art in his studio (model as artist), still lives, landscapes, etc.

• Works very quickly and energetically


Born 1967, Mexico City  

Living and painting full time, Jerusalem, Israel

Lived and worked in a London studio (2008-2010)




1999-2003       Jerusalem Studio School Master Class

2001                Seminar with Lennart Anderson

1998                Art Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

1985-1988       University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (BFAA)





2020                Recent Works, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel curated by Smadar Tzook

2018                Child’s Play, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2006                Children at Play, Gallery 33, Tel Aviv, Israel, curated by Israel Hershberg

2003                The Bathroom Contemplation Series, Nelly Aman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2002                Recent Works, Gafen, Jerusalem, Israel   

1999                Personajes  y Sus Dimesiones, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

1999                Personajes  y Sus Dimesiones, The Artist’s House, Jerusalem, Israel

1999                Personajes  y Sus Dimesiones, INBA Museum, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua,  Mexico

1998                Personajes  y Sus Dimesiones, Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute, Mexico City Curated by Luz Maria Sepulveda





2020                Hagada Shel Pesach, Koresh & Barbour Galleries, Jerusalem, Israel curated by Oree Holban and Nomi Tannhauser

2019                Collector's Bedroom, Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel, curated by Hanna Ben-Haim Yulzari

2018                Marie Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (part of Manofim – Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival) curated by Yanai Geva

2010                ASC Studios, London, United kingdom

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